About Bare for Bare

Bare for Bare was founded in Singapore by a team of enthusiastic experienced R&D and marketing team on the idea of providing a personalized, luxurious home spa body and hair care experience for all, not just women but also men.

Bare for Bare body care and hair care range is made from carefully selected natural botanical essential oil gathered from the best sources throughout the world and its paraben free! What’s best is our body lotions are formulated to provide our skin with 24-hours moisture lock.

We believe that one should not compromise on the level of pampering ourselves with the given choices, but always explore with our own creativity and decide the right scent for ourselves. Bare for Bare is developed with a special concept that each formula does not only work well on its own, they can be mixed and matched to suit your various body care needs and moods of the day.

Bare for Bare natural products are what you need for an affordable yet luxury pampering session. Our body care and hair care range comprises elegantly essential oil scented paraben free products that are made from botanical ingredients to cleanse and soothe you from head to toe.

Each formula works well on its own, but can also be mixed and matched to suit your various skincare needs and moods of the day. Complete your bare experience with the accompanying body lotions of the same series, where soothing, velvety textures that are lightweight and fast-absorbing work to further seal in moisture to leave your skin smooth and delicately scented.

Bare for Bare is now available at:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Guang Zhou
  • Vietnam

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